NE BIO - How does Cartus stay in business?

Washington, District Of Columbia 2 comments

Absolutely the worst service ever.I'm an executive at a NE company, recently relocated and the experience has been nothing short of horrifying.

Innacurate information, outright lies, hiding behind supposed contracts, refusing to return calls or emails, saying one thing and then not delivering. Here is their policy: delay, delay, delay. They know the transferee is only in the system for a short time, so they simply don't care. Housing purchase options is also a complete scam, as they control everything and will work against your better interest (lower price for you means higher equity on their books).

I'm stunned how consistently bad they have been...I'm going on five months and it only gets worse.

Someone should report them to the state BBB.



Shouldn't the office of the president fix the procedures of the company so there aren't as many unhappy consumers out there instead of posting on all these complaints. Maybe if Cartus knew how to run a business without trying to screw over everyone they deal with there wouldn't be any complaints.



I represent Cartus' Office of the President.I would like to talk with you to discuss the issues mentioned in your post and see whether there is anything I can do to help mitigate any of them.

Please either call me at 1.888.767.9357 or email me at you, Jon Wyatt

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